This site is for you! If you are frustrated, fuming, feeling crazy but knowing you’re not, and tired of living in a level of chaos none of your friends can possibly understand – you’ve come to the right place.

Whether this is your first step in seeking help or you are familiar with recovery, you will find resources and support here. You can learn about your husband’s (or wife’s) alcoholism and find out what the term codependency means. Here you can begin a unique journey that will provide a new level of personal freedom and serenity — whether or not the alcoholic ever stops drinking.

Surviving life with an active alcoholic is an emotional roller-coaster ride like no other. Anger frequently rules the atmosphere in the house. Worry is a daily companion. Tension and stress are off the charts. Long term situations often breed a bone-deep weariness and eventual depression.

Serenity is a product of recovery. There is recovery for an addict. And then there’s recovery for those who love an addicted person. I imagine you’re thinking, “Why do I need recovery? – he’s the one with the problem!” or wondering if recovery for you just means learning how to put up with his behavior. I used to think those same things.

Please stay. Read what’s here for you. You matter. God cares about you and your situation. I care about you and your situation too. That’s why I created this website. Read my blog, learn, share your comments – experience new and good changes.

There is hope!

Walking His trail,




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The journey starts here